What to Wear in Warm Weather

 I’ve spotted a flaw in my method.  Perhaps two.  I Plan My Weekly Wardrobe ahead of time so I can do my ironing and organise what I will wear. Not only do I plan what to wear but I also lay it out the night before so that it is all readily to hand when I wake up in the mornings. It saves time and means that I avoid the question: What shall I wear today?

Today, however, it was very warm.  Wonderfully so; it was almost summer here in the north east of England with top temperatures reaching 18C. For those of you in continental Europe, North America, or the Caribbean that might hardly seem worth celebrating. In this part of the world, having had the kind of Spring we have had so far this year, this is nearly reason for dancing in the streets.

However, I had already chosen what I was gong to wear and it was not best suited to warmer weather. It wasn’t so much the linen jacket I had chosen; it was the corduroys. Clearly, I could have changed my plans but I didn’t realise how warm it was until I got outside. At that point, I wasn’t going to go back indoors in order to change.


However, when you spend your morning commute to work thinking about the range of alternative options you might have selected which would have been better suited to the warm weather that is clearly a point at which the system has failed to work.

On this occasion, at least, it would have been better to have chosen this morning what I was going to wear when there would have been a greater likelihood that I would have responded to the weather in my selection. Hence, the flaw in my method.

The other flaw in my method was to wear braces today. For some reason it felt that the braces made me feel even hotter than otherwise.  I’m all in favour of looking hot.  Feeling hot, not so much.  Did you see what I did there….?


I wouldn’t have thought that a couple of thin strips of fabric should have that kind of effect.  I can only imagine that this is at least in part because wearing braces keeps your shirt pressed against the skin, more than would otherwise be the case. So there is less opportunity for air to circulate and therefore less opportunity to cool down naturally.  Who knew?

So here is my handy tip.  Leave the braces at home on the warmest days. And check the forecast before getting dressed.

I’ve checked tomorrow’s forecast.  It’s for rain.



What do you think?

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