Building My Chino Collection

I’ve written elsewhere about the importance of ‘In Between’ Trousers which are neither as formal as suit trousers nor as casual as a pair of jeans. 

Chinos are the go to In Between Trousers of the moment. Not only are they bang on trend they are also wonderfully useful during the Spring season.  Corduroys are great for colder months in Autumn–Winter and Linens are unbeatable for mid–summer.

Multiple chinosChinos, however, are fabulous for the milder weather of Spring. Moreover, that they are available in a bewildering array of colours means that they are especially well suited for brightening up your Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Over the last few months I’ve been looking to develop my chino collection. At the moment I have chinos in navy, khaki, charcoal, wine, and plum. My collection also includes other categories of In Between Trousers in a range of additional shades and fabrics.

chinobasicHowever, I’ve been considering chinos in other colours.  My views on Pink Chinos are already public. I am also actively considering chinos in yellow, mint, royal blue and lilac. Chinos are available in slim fit but my preference is for the looser fitting regular fit.

The great thing about chinos is that they can be worn with a T-shirt or polos for a very casual look, or be combined with a blazer and bow tie for a smart casual look, or something in between.


A navy blazer can be combined with chinos in virtually any colour and, depending on whether you want to dress up or dress down your chinos, pair them with brogues or, at the other end of the spectrum, with boat shoes or even flip flops.

Loafers or drivers work equally well if you wish to avoid either extreme of the spectrum.  However, you might want to avoid the barefoot look above….

Green Suede Loafers, Charles Tyrwhitt

Try out some colourful chinos, perhaps with equally colourful shoes like the example above from Charles Tyrwhitt and see how you get on. Try M&S, Debenhams, Charles Tyrwhitt, or SavilerowCo for a great selection of chinos.



What do you think?

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