Power Dressing in a Pin Striped Suit

I’ve written recently of The Power of a Navy Suit and have written also about Power Dressing.  Nonetheless, I was a little surprised last week how empowered I felt wearing one of my favourite suits: a navy pin striped suit.

The context was a tricky one.  I had a semi–formal engagement in the morning,  slightly more formal one in the afternoon, and a formal dinner in the evening.  The morning engagement was local but the afternoon and evening engagements were over 200 miles away.

So my options were simple: either wear something semi formal in the morning and change for the formal dinner or be slightly overdressed for the morning and afternoon, but not be required to change for dinner.

gordon gekko-420x0

I opted for the latter.  I needed something comfortable that I could wear all day that looked good enough for the evening.  So I went to one of my old favourites: a navy blue slim fit suit with pale blue pin stripes from Burton. The suit was combined with indigo blue shirt, navy and red barber stripe tie, and accessorised with red cuff links.

I’ve worn that combination before so I knew that it was a good-looking combination.  What I hadn’t quite remembered is what a well–fitted pin striped suit in your favourite colour can do for a man’s self esteem.


I’m not quite sure why that is.  It could be that the pin stripes elongate the frame and so are naturally slimming.  It could be that the pin stripes simply add interesting pattern to the fabric.  It could be that it is the history of the pin striped suit, linked with British bankers and professionals conjures up images of respectability and style.  Maybe all the above.

Whatever the reasons, a pin striped suit rocks.  You wan to look into it if there are a few in your collection.


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