23 April 2012

23 April 2012. An auspicious date. It is the date on which I started this blog.

Where have the last 12 months gone?  That just goes to show if you had started your 5YP when I started this blog, year 1 would already be complete!

So what have I learnt over the past 12 months?

I’ve learnt that blogging can be hard work. I have failed to blog as frequently as I hoped I might because life has got in the way. Plus coming up with good ideas for posts (and remembering those ideas between their genesis and typing them up) requires  creativity

I’ve learnt that even after more than 5 years I have the capacity to be surprised about how positive a great fitting suit can make one feel.

Charles Tyrwhitt
Charles Tyrwhitt

I’ve leant how various colours interact.  Navy, red and khaki, for example.  It rocks.  Try it in variety of ways. Navy blazer, red jumper and khaki chinos. Alternatively try a khaki blazer with navy chinos and red shirt or jumper. 

I’ve learn about the importance of ‘In Between’ Trousers and of their versatility to dress up or down an ensemble.

I’ve learnt how significantly a pair of braces change change the way a pair of trousers fit. Trousers about which I feel ambivalent feel much more positive when hung from the shoulders rather than the waist and therefore fit exactly where and how I want them to.


I’ve learnt about hats, and shoes, and how much I am susceptible to the colour blue. I’ve have reinforced my conviction that the most important thing is not colour or cost, or style, or fabric.  It is Finding a Perfect Fit. A cheap suit looks like a million dollars if it is a flattering fit. Conversely, you can spend thousands on a suit but if it is a poor fit it will look shabby. 

Through giving up suits and ties for Lent I’ve learnt how strategic a carefully selected tie can be for smartening up  an ensemble and for linking disparate colours. However, I’ve also learnt how to make use of layering to dress up an ensemble when not wearing a tie in more formal contexts

I’ve learnt that knitted and textured waistcoats rock! And I’ve learnt that I can’t sew for toffee, certainly not compared to those who know what they are really doing.


Perhaps most importantly, I’ve also leant what a privilege it is to share these ideas and images with a readership that, according to my stats, stretches across 4 continents.

Thank you for visiting 5YP over the last year.  Hope your own project is progressing well.

I’d love to hear how  how you are getting on. Give me an update in the comments.



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