My Most Recent Shirts

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have a slight addiction to shirts. In my year-end inventory I discovered that my collection ran to over 70 shirts, around 50 of which are part of my formal collection.  My shirt addiction can be traced back to the moment I Found the Perfect Fit

Having discovered that there were shirts out there that fit my unusually shaped frame (long arms, slim chest, thick neck) after nearly 20 years of wearing incorrect shirt sizes unawares, I’ve been making up for lost time.

So I’ve been busy building up my shirt collection in a range of colour palettes, though I still have a default setting that means that I find it hard to resist a smart shirt in blue.


True to form, blue features prominently among my latest shirts, most of which were purchased late last year, and none of which have yet been worn. Two of the shirts are from Hawes & Curtis. (At the moment H&C are having a great mix and match sale of any 5 items for £100).

One of my latest is a plain navy twill, Warwick regular fit. It has a cutaway collar and double cuffs with their new silk touch finish. I’ve been eyeing up a plain navy shirt for some time now. It should work well with khaki trousers or suit, grey, charcoal, or a lighter blue.  Great for the warmer months ahead, it will work both with a tie and without. As it is a regular fit rather than a slim fit shirt I’ve gone for a 16 rather than 16½ collar.


My second shirt is from the H&C non-iron St James slim fit collection, also with a cutaway collar and double cuffs. It is also in blue, but rather fetching sky and navy stripes. There are two elements of this shirt that I am itching to try out.

First is the fact that it is a non-iron shirt.  Clearly I am not averse to spot of ironing.  Nonetheless, I am curious to see how far the non-iron hype matches the reality.

Second, H&C have in recent months increased maximum sleeve length from 36 to 37 inches.  So I am keen to see how an extra inch of sleeve length works, especially once the shirt has been washed a few times and shrunk a little. For a man with long arms having sleeves that might be slightly too long will, I anticipate, be a novel experience.


The third of my latest shirts is a plain green vintage oxford button collar weekend shirt from Sainsbury’s (of all places). I’ve bought the occasional short sleeve casual shirt from Sainsbury’s in the past but this is the first semi formal shirt from TU.  So I’m interested in how that experiment will turn out and keen to see whether the shirt ages as well as more expensive shirts from places like H&C.

That the shirt was reduced from £16 to £6 made it an irresistible deal. Green is an underrepresented colour palette in my shirt collection so that only strengthened the case for its purchase.  It should work well with khaki, and navy. In summer it will be great with linen trousers, especially in white.

Looking forward to wearing each of these in due course.

What do you think?

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