Adjusting Trousers 2

I posted earlier about my efforts to adjust some of my trousers.  I was very pleased with the results but conscious that there were some trousers in my collection which needed someone who knew what they were doing.

My dry cleaners, Timpsons, recommended a local lady who offers adjustment services. So I decided to try out her skills with a particularly complicated pair of green corduroy trousers.

They were meant to be size 36 but were in fact closer to 38. Taking the better part of 4 inches out of the waistband so that they fit my size 34 waist is no simple matter.

The corduroy is a particularly heavy weight example and double seams abound.  The rear pockets limit the extent to which the waist could be adjusted. Its complexity meant that it would cost a little more than normal; £9.50 rather than the quoted £7.  Seemed reasonable to me, though to be fair the trousers only cost me £9!

Waist adjustment

They were dropped off on a Friday and were due to be collected the following Thursday. I could hardly wait to see what she would be able to do with this tricky example.

I was initially not impressed.  The trousers were not ready when I popped in to collect them. Apparently my collection ticket said they would be ready at 3pm and it was merely 12.45! Having had my trousers for the better part of a week we were going to quibble about a couple of hours??  To make matters worse, when I popped back at just before 4pm her shop had closed early! To say I was not impressed was an understatement.

So I was definitely testy the following day when I made my third trip to that little shop in fewer than 24 hours.  I was ready to ask for my money back if my trousers still weren’t ready.


I needn’t have worried.  Not only were the trousers ready, she had done a sterling job. The waistband had been unpicked to enable access to the rear seam and a new double rear seam put in place, beautifully tapered. The rearmost belt loops were removed and reattached in new positions either side of the new seam and the waistband then re-sewn in place. The new stitching almost perfectly matched the original. It was difficult to see where she had made the adjustments apart from minor blemishes where the loops were removed.  This was a woman who knew what she was doing!

Can you spot where the loops were originally attached?

Click on the picture above for a hi res image where you will be able to admire the new double seam and might just be able to see the minor blemishes in the fabric where the lower seams of the belt loops were originally attached to the waistband.  The original upper seams are hidden in the upper waistband seam.

My green cords now fit beautifully, almost as if they had been tailored for me. All is forgiven.  If this is the quality of work she can do I am happy to wait a week, indeed as many weeks as she needs, for her to do the work.


Her work put my own shoddy efforts into sharp relief. I am a rank amateur playing around with needle and thread; she a consummate professional who very much knows what she is doing.

The problem is, now that I have these trousers which fit me perfectly I am resisting a near overwhelming urge to take every trouser I own to her with the instruction, ‘I want them all to fit me like this one….’

A bit like my eureka moment when I Found my Perfect Fit for shirts I feel I have had a eureka moment with trousers.

I might need a new 5YP just to get all my trousers sorted…..


What do you think?

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