Developing My Hat Collection

Having posted about (Cool) Cat in a Hat in August last year, I took the plunge and bought a hat.  My 12 year old declared he wanted one (much to my surprise). So when I went out to get him one as one of his birthday gifts I got one for myself. 

Matalan was having their summer sale last August so I managed to find a hat for him for under a fiver but found a Trilby for me that had been discounted to £1!  Figured I couldn’t lose with that.  If I didn’t like it I had risked nothing and if I did like it I could always upgrade to a better hat at some later stage.


Well I did like it, very much indeed. A hat is now part and parcel of my formal outerwear. Along with the scarf and coat I wear when it’s chilly I now also wear a hat.  My £1 Matalan Trilby has served well but for some months now I’ve been looking for a better hat. Having watched Gangster Squad last weekend that only made the situation worse.

The Matalan hat is made of grey herringbone cloth which, though very comfortable, is not quite a proper hat.  But for a quid who could argue? My wife added to my hat collection having bought me a snazzy cashmere Prince of Wales check Trilby in light brown. I tend to wear this on less formal occasions, but like the Matalan hat, it is made of cloth.


M&S have Fedoras at £25, which I have been eying up for a little while now. Last weekend, less than a day after watching Gangster Squad, I was surprised and delighted to discover that a number of their Fedoras had been discounted from £25 to £5! For someone meant to be on a wardrobe building sabbatical this year this presented a bit of a dilemma. The dilemma didn’t last long:  I bought two, one in navy and another in black. Two decent Fedoras for a tenner? Who wouldn’t?

Ideally, I would have preferred two less similar colours, say grey or taupe and black or navy, or brown, but that’s what they had and that price it would have been churlish to quibble.  So I’ve been wearing the navy hat all last week. All I need now is a tommy gun and I too can look like a prohibition era gangster…. Or Eliot Ness from The Untouchables….?


What do you think?

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