Rediscovering Your Inner Tailor

Since Christmas I’ve been Enjoying my Trouser Braces. However, doing so has meant quite a bit of sewing. As a teenager my mother taught me to sew, primarily so that I was more self sufficient.  I didn’t do major jobs, but rather the simpler ones like sewing on buttons or adding a hem. However I haven’t put much of that teaching into practice.  Not until recently, that is.

If you are going to wear braces then they should definitely be of the button on, rather than clip on variety.  However, this means that you will need to sew buttons onto the waistband, to which the braces can be attached.  buttons can be sewn onto the inside of the waistband  or for a more casual look, on the outside of the waistband. Braces require at least 6 buttons but X shaped braces can require 8.

So I’ve spent a lot of time since Christmas sewing buttons into the waistbands of trousers that I want to wear with braces.  Ideally, the buttons need to be sewn securely onto the waistband so it is important to choose thread that is as close as possible in colour to the trousers so that the thread is less visible if the button is being sewn to the inside of the waistband. If the buttons are being sewn on the outside of the waistband then different concerns arise.  It is important to ensure that the buttons are level and equidistant on each sides.

Buttons at the back should be just either side of the central seam.  Those at the front should be somewhere between the side seam and where the crease in front of your trousers. As much as i have been enjoying the way that braces can transform the way a pair of trousers fit, I can’t say that I have been enjoying sewing on 6 buttons each time I want to wear braces with a particular pair of trousers for the first time.  Inexplicably this takes me up to 45 minutes!  I can’t work out why; I am sure that i must be able to do this in less time.  

The only good thing is that once sewn on the buttons are in place for all future wearings of the braces with those trousers. And if the buttons are placed on the inside of the waistband it means that on those occasions when you choose not to wear braces the buttons will be discreetly concealed.

However, buttons have not been the major concern.  One or two of my trousers are simply too large at the waist.  When worn without a belt there is simply too much space in the waistband.  So these trousers have needed adjustment.  I’ll say more about that in a later post.

Meanwhile, whilst sewing on buttons has not been a barrel of laughs it has been fulfilling to channel my inner tailor.


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