Winter Footwear

Unless you’ve been sunning yourself on a Caribbean isle somewhere, you will have been caught up in the wintry conditions that have been gripping Britain over the last week or two.

If, like me, you walk to work the question of footwear becomes important if you want to avoid slipping over. 2 years ago when we last had seriously wintry conditions I wore wellies to work for a fortnight. I decided that the next time round I would be better prepared.

walter ankle-boot-melvin-hamilton1
Walter ankleboot, Melvin Hamilton

The problem with most smart men’s shoes is that they have smooth soles. So they are hopeless when conditions are slippery. In addition, if the shoes have leather soles these can easily become water damaged, if worn repeatedly through wintry slush. Plus, there is always the risk of water ingress. Sodden socks in cold weather are no laughing matter.

Wellies are an effective solution to all of these issues, but they are hardly an elegant solution. A more stylish alternative would be a couple of pairs of leather boots with gripped soles. It took me a while to find a couple that I liked, which I bought at the beginning of last year, expecting a harsh winter. As it happened, winter in Britain last year was pretty mild. However, they are really coming into their own this winter.

Grenson Brown Brogue Boot

I found a couple of brogue boots, one on black, the other in brown. They are comfortable, stylish, and warm. The brown pair is lined, which keeps ones toes extra warm when trudging along on ice.  Best of all, they offer sufficient grip to keep you going even in slippery conditions

Trickers Navy Boot
Trickers Navy Boot

In fact, I’ve been enjoying them so much that,  over the last year or so, I’ve been looking for shoes which offer a similar level of grip. So not only do I have these wonderful boots, I also have a couple of pairs shoes which are winter proof. So one can look stylish whilst being prepared for the worst that winter can throw at you.

What do you think?

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