January Sales

The January sales, of course, begin in December. 26 December to be exact.

The Next sale began at 06.00 today and will run to 18.00. I’d wondered what die hards would wake up at 6.00 to go to a sale. So thought I might give it a go myself.

Figured if I woke up early I’d pop to Next and see if any of those fab knitted waistcoats were on sale.

I wasn’t very quick off the mark. Too much Christmas lethargy so got to the Next store around 6.30am. The car park was full! Clearly, I was late.


To compound matters, since the closest parking available was some stores away at Matalan I popped in there just after I parked meaning I didn’t get to Next until around 06.50. Huge mistake.

I managed to find some of the knitted waistcoats. Only available in oatmeal or navy. Didn’t fancy the oatmeal but (surprise surprise) was quite taken with the navy blue. Would have been keen on green but none in stock.

So far so good. Then I discovered that the queue was so long that they had employed someone whose sole job was to stand with a sign saying QUEUE BEGINS HERE.

You might just be able to make out the Queue Here sign…

So here I am with my single waistcoat in a queue that must have nearly 100 people ahead of me. Moreover, everyone around me appears to have bags of bargains. Most of my queue companions are women.

And then there’s me, tall black man, conspicuous with his single item. And it’s not like it’s a significant item; it’s a waistcoat for a tenner. Who gets out of bed while its still dark to get a tenner waistcoat?

My experience in Matalan was much better. There were precisely 4 other people in the store. Staff outnumbered customers which is what you expect at 06.30. I begin to wonder how i can get some, ideally most of these people to leave, perhaps go to Matalan. I resist the urge to find the nearest fire alarm…

At this point I begin to think, how badly do I want this waistcoat? Not that badly I think. Those who know me will know that waiting, and in particular standing in a queue, are things I most hate to do. If there is a hell, it will, I am sure, involve lots and lots of queuing!

With the hordes at Next

But then I figure I’ve already got up at an ungodly hour on Boxing Day, against expectations, I’ve managed to find the waistcoat, and it is actually on sale! So if I leave now I’ll have nothing to show for my efforts. So I decide I better stick it out.

I kick myself for not bringing a book to read whilst I wait. But then I think of something just as good. I write a blog after all…

So I finally get to the tills at 08.00, only one hour after I joined the queue. Its now clear one of the reasons the queue was so long is that there are only 3 tills on this floor, each with two salespeople one to ring the tills the other to pack, presumably in a bid to speed up the process. At least I’m done by 08.02.

Now quite sure the waistcoat wasn’t worth it. Think I’ll chalk this one up to experience, one not to be repeated…..

I’m off home to breakfast.


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