Knitted or Textured Waistcoats

In recent days I have been obsessing about waistcoats.  I am a bit of a fan. Not necessarily the three piece suit, though I am not averse to those.  Instead try a waistcoat, which is knitted or otherwise textured; it adds a certain je ne sais quoi to your ensemble.

Even better in these colder days adding a waistcoat, particularly a knitted one, not only adds a layer but an extra warm layer.  Those of us who are very warm blooded appreciate such things at this time of year.

CT Taupe Tweed Waistcoat & Blazer TML Charcoal Merino Waistcoat2

The thing is it seems to me that they are not easy to find.  I can find button up cardigans all over the place.  But finding sleeveless ones not so easy.  And yet I run into a gent every now and then who is wearing one so they must be out there somewhere.

There is a subtle difference, of course, between a knitted waistcoat and a sleeveless button up cardigan.  The latter is exactly what it says on the tin. Therefore like most cardigans it will be long and finish at the hips.  A waistcoat in contrast finishes at the waist.

Woolover wine sleeveless

After some searching I’ve found some knitted waistcoats. Next have a lovely collection in a range of colours and textures starting from £22. T M Lewin have a knitted waistcoat available in charcoal or blue for £45.

For textured waistcoats tweed or wool with a herringbone weave provide a lovely textured finish. Corduroy, moleskin, or checks are alternative textured finishes you might consider.

CT Taupe Tweed Waistcoat

Charles Tyrwhitt have a fabulous taupe tweed waistcoat at £69. If working with a smaller budget try River Island or Topman for a range of waistcoats. Perhaps even try Primark which has a lovely herringbone in a range of shades.

Topman Harris Tweed Green Double Breasted Waistcoat

The waistcoat adds a little colour and texture to your ensemble, enables you to build a layered look, and adds a bit of warmth in the winter months.  What more can you ask?



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