Style on the Train

One of the interesting things about travelling by train is the opportunity to meet and to observe the people with whom you are travelling.  Being locked in with strangers for hours on end provides an opportunity to observe human nature.

For example, I find that I can quite often have deep and meaningful conversations on a train because of the anonymity train travel affords. They know they will never see me again and so can be prepared to share quite personal things. On other occasions we travel together in stony silence for hours. You never know what you will get until you sit down.

durham-england-english-railway-travel-poster-print-by-lner-521-pOne other opportunity afforded by train travel is the chance to observe the style levels in your carriage.  I was quite heartened earlier this week to observe the style on the train displayed by my brother travellers.

There was the visually impaired older gentleman, complete with white cane. However, he was wearing a very smart grey pinstripe suit with a pale blue shirt, cufflinks and a snazzy bow tie. Either he has help or his visual impairment does not extend to his capacity to put an outfit together.


Then there was the businessman, I guess in his 50s, wearing a navy suit, blue shirt and tie.  He had removed his jacket to reveal that he was wearing blue trouser braces with a maroon edging. And they were sensible ones which had leather button on ends rather than clip ons. His formal black shoes looked expensive and well worn, but well maintained.

Then there was the younger man in his late 40s who was in a smart casual combination of navy linen jacket, dark khaki chinos, and brogues in a bluish grey colour that defies description but which looked very smart. The piece de resistance was the knitted waistcoat in royal blue which looked very much like a piece I had been admiring in T M Lewin earlier that very afternoon (and which very frustratingly was out of stock!).

TML Blue Merino Waistcoat
TML Blue Merino Waistcoat

And speaking of knitted waistcoats I did spot one gent in lovely oatmeal knitted waistcoat, similar to those on sale by Next, worn with an open necked white shirt and dark navy jeans.

Into this mix I was wearing navy trousers and button up jumper with Purple & white fine bengal stripe Winchester shirt and gold tie.  (It looked better than it sounds.)


All in all as I looked round my carriage the gents in it seemed to me pretty stylish.  It was the 20.00 out of King’s Cross, a train I almost never catch.  So I don’t know if we were an unusual bunch or whether the stylish people leave London at around 8pm.  I suspect I’ll never know….


What do you think?

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