Planning My Weekly Wardrobe

How do you decide what to wear to work each day? Are you an instinctive person who decides based on how you feel when you wake up? Or are you someone who dresses based on what the weather is like outside? Or might you be someone who decides primarily based on diary commitments?

I fall into the latter category, though I am not entirely uninfluenced by the previous two.


I aim to select the shirts I will wear in the coming week on a Saturday night. The selection is driven by my diary and what is coming up in the week ahead, as well as what I may not have worn for a little while.  Looking at my diary on a Saturday night is also a good point at which to glance at the week ahead and to remind myself of what is coming up.

The plan is to iron those shirts that evening so that all my ironing for the week is done in one big hit. In my view on Saturday it still feels like there’s weekend left to go; by Sunday night it feels like it’s over. So I prefer not to be ironing on a Sunday night if I can avoid it.


The question of what I will wear with those shirts is much more fluid and is often not decided until the night before. I aim to leave for work by 7am most days so if I am organised I will have chosen what I will wear the night before and lay it out so it’s all ready. If I am really organised this will include everything: underwear, socks, undershirt, belt, tie, shoes, cufflinks, watch, suit and shirt. Most days, however, I confess that I’m not that organised. But I’d like to be….


If you’ve never done this try it and see how much time you save getting dressed because you don’t need to move around getting things out of your wardrobe or wondering where you put the socks that would go really well with this tie.

In our house where storage is at a premium and my wardrobe is located in three different locations over two floors not having to go downstairs at 6.30am to decide which suit to wear is a time saver if done the night before.

In addition, because I am typically getting dressed early in the morning my clothes are laid out in a different room from our bedroom so that my wife can remain in the land of nod for just a while longer, whilst I get ready.


Typically, I will try to select a range of shirt colours each week.  So I might select shirts from the blue, violet, red/pink, grey/black and white colour palettes. Alternatively, I might decide to explore how many different pink shirts can I get away with next week before someone comments…. Sometimes the selection is driven by a desire to wear something specific because it feels like it’s been a while since it’s been out of the wardrobe.

So I might think it a good to wear my olive shoes this week.  That then determines what I will wear on at least one day of that week because the range of combinations I could wear which would work with olive shoes is more limited than would be the case with black or brown shoes.

At the end of the day, however, it all remains flexible. That I have selected a shirt and ironed it is no guarantee that it will be worn in the coming week. There are multiple reasons why I might change my mind.

So that’s me.  What do you do?


What do you think?

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