Coloured Shoelaces 2 (& Shoes)

Having written some time ago about the potential of coloured shoelaces I confess that I have only recently got round to acquiring some for my 5YP shoe collection. However, I have now addressed that failing.

On my recent trip to the US I picked up a nice little collection of coloured laces.  Nordstrom have a fab pack of 7 pairs of coloured laces available in a variety of lengths for $19.95 plus taxes.

Nordstrom coloured laces

In addition, Cole Haan have a selection of coloured laces in 8 different colours at $7 each.  Allen Edmonds also have coloured laces on sale. In the UK is a possibility for coloured shoelaces with prices starting from under £2 per pair.

Coloured shoelaces offer an opportunity to inject a splash of colour into an ensemble. They work well with any colour shoes and any colour ensemble but work best when combined with shoes in colours other than the regulation black or brown.


Obviously, coloured laces will draw the eye to your shoes, if for no other reason than that they are unusual.  So you probably want to use them in shoes which you don’t mind people looking at.

I confess that I am enjoying experimenting with coloured laces.  You should give it a go.

What do you think?

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