American Style – Macy’s

Macy’s is one of the iconic American department stores. Think John Lewis, House of Fraser, or perhaps Debenhams and you are in the ballpark.  Did you see what I did there….?


Macy’s Chicago is located in the city’s famous Loop and occupies the iconic Marshall Field building, a Cathedral of consumerism.

Marshall Field, founded in the 19th Century rose to become the largest US Department store company but fell on harder times and was eventually sold, and resold, to become part of the Macy’s group.

Macy’s are in the upper tier of department stores and sell pretty much everything.  It was fascinating to see British brands like Thomas Pink in prominent position in the store.


However there was also pretty much everything including the two Amrican  shoes brands I mentioned above.

Customer service was excellent and the menswear section of the store was not only enormous but had its own identifiable entrance.

I was interested in accessories. In particular I was impressed by the range and quality of the bowties on offer.  They also had a good range of trouser braces.


Whatever one might need for a gentleman’s wardrobe was available with a helpful sales assistant on hand to help.  \

Is Mayc’s supporting Movember?

In addition on the day I visited they had a number of items on a up to 30% off sale with coupons available in store offering an additional 15% off.

All in all I have to say I quite enjoyed browsing the store and picking up a couple of bow ties to add to my collection.  If you get a chance I suggest it’s worth a visit but only if you have an hour or two to spare

What do you think?

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