The Odd Jacket & Trouser Look

It is well known that I am a fan of a sharp suit.  A well-worn suit has the capacity to transform the way in which others perceive you and indeed the way in which you feel about yourself.

However, sometimes a suit is too much. It tries too hard.  Sometimes the situation calls for looking smart, and reasonably formal, but not quite a context in which you want to wear a suit.  The solution? An Odd Jacket/Trouser combination.

This is a little more complicated that simply wearing the trousers of one suit with the jacket of another. Indeed you want to avoid this.  If you regularly wear your suit trousers separately from your jacket you run the risk of wearing out your trousers before your suit.  Indeed a great tip for prolonging the life of your suits is to buy an extra pair of trousers with each suit. If you alternate wearing the trousers each time you wear it, because your trousers tend to wear more quickly than the jacket it effectively doubles the lifespan of your suit.  But I digress…

The ideal situation is that you have a collection of jackets and trousers separate from your suits which are part of your odd/jacket trouser collection.  The great thing about this is that you can get jackets in fabrics, textures and colours that you wouldn’t necessarily consider for a suit.  For example a green wool or tweed blazer might look great but you wouldn’t want to wear a whole suit.  Or a corduroy or linen blazer might look great but again that is precisely because they are not part of a full suit.

In addition, this mix and match approach means that you can be creative and adventurous with colours.  So salmon trousers? Yes but with a navy or grey jacket.  Yellow Cords?  Possibly, if you’re brave enough. Fancy trying our burnt orange?  Give it a go with forest green or navy up top. You get the picture.

Best of all you can dress up or down this look. So a navy jacket with dark grey trousers shirt and tie with cufflinks can look really quite formal. The same navy jacket combined with chinos and an open necked shirt looks smart but far less formal.

Try wools, tweeds and linens for your jackets and any of a number of ‘In Between’ Trousers.  Let me know how you get on.

What do you think?

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