The Return of Trouser Braces (aka Suspenders)?

Have you seen the new Bond film, Skyfall?  If you haven’t it’s well worth seeing. For the Bond faithful Skyfall hits all the right notes: action, suspense, intrigue, gadgets, chases and explosions.  And of course no Bond film is complete without the triumvirate of beautiful cars, beautiful women, and beautiful suits. Skyfall does not disappoint.  Indeed it offers a number of surprise and delight moments.

For me, one of those was with the prevalence of braces in the film.  Craig’s Bond is not stranger to these, having worn a pair of white braces in his first outing in Casino Royale as part of his black tie ensemble.  They make a return in Skyfall. More striking,however, is Ralph Fiennes character who wears braces throughout the film.  And I must confess that I liked the look.  A lot.

Whilst on the subject of confession I should probably confess that I was a big fan of braces back in the 80s when they last enjoyed wide popularity. However, we called them suspenders where I grew up.  However, I need to make it clear that I was a fan of the braces which button to the trouser waistband.  I have always thought and continue to think than those which fasten with a metal clip look naff. Needless to say, both Craig and Fiennes sport button rather than clip on braces.

The braces look phased out in the 90s but like so many 80s fashions seem to be reappearing. I can easily imagine that many gents like me who went to see Skyfall have come back thinking, where can I get a pair of braces like Ralph Fiennes?

Well I did some searching and can give you some answers.  If you want cheap looking clip on braces you can get these pretty widely: Matalan and Topman will sell you some for under a tenner.  However you should resist the temptation.

If you are going to wear braces you need some proper button braces.  Some come with both button and clips so that you can use either.

M&S have button braces for as low as 19.50, have some from 26.95 and Hawes & Curtis will sell you some for £39.50.

Braces specialists Albert Thurston will relieve you of £49.99 for a pair of their best.

However the best-priced braces I’ve seen are from which begin at £12.99 and come in a range of colours and patterns.  I can’t vouch for their quality as I haven’t tried them.  But I think I might.

Are braces making a comeback?  A big part of me hope that they are….


What do you think?

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