Autumnal Orange

I’ve long argued  in favour of Broadening the Colour Palette as part of your 5-Year Project.

I am all in favour of being a little adventurous with colour.  Sometimes of course it can go too far. I’ve been looking admiringly at some grape saddle shoes for a while now.

I confess that I can’t imagine where or how I could wear them but I’ve been looking nonetheless.

The great thing about autumn is that you can get away with some colours during autumn that you might not during other seasons. For example, a burgundy pair of chinos work in autumn but may be less effective in summer.

In a similar category is orange. Earlier this year I acquired an orange and blue tie. Until that point my wardrobe contained nothing orange and I can’t say that I felt bereft.

Now I find myself seriously contemplating an orange jumper, and would certainly be open to some pale burnt orange cords. I can’t recall noticing orange jumpers previously so perhaps it is a colour that designers are experimenting with this season.

The great thing about orange, particularly burnt orange, is that it resonates with the autumnal colours of fallen leaves. Moreover, it can be combined with a range of colours, particularly forest colours of green, brown or burgundy.  However it also works with greys or pale blues.

Clearly, for many orange will be a step too far. I confess that I am not sure myself. That is understandable; we should wear clothing that underpins rather than undermines self-confidence. 

You could of course consider some orange socks?

or shoes….

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