The Winchester Shirt

I am a big fan of the Winchester shirt.  If you are not familiar with the name it describes a coloured shirt with contrasting white collar and cuffs.  I confess that I have no idea why it is called a Winchester. If anybody has any idea I would love to hear it.

Black Narrow Bengal Stripe, SavileRowCo

Something about the contrasting collar and cuffs makes the shirt look particularly smart. In addition, the contrast collar frames the face and the contrast cuffs look particularly sharp extending just ½inch beyond the sleeves of your jacket. Ideally, the Winchester should be worn with cufflinks as these stand out even more sharply against the white background.

Blue End on End 41339, T M Lewin

The Winchester is quite a formal style. It is very much at home in combination with a sharp suit. Certainly, if you were wearing something very formal like a morning suit then it’s difficult to think of a better shirt to combine with a morning suit than the Winchester. Having said that, the Winchester also works really well combined with jeans or ‘In Between’ Trousers and brogues.

Prince William working a Winchester with his morning suit

I remember seeing Ian Wright wearing a very fetching grey Winchester on the short-lived Wright Stuff TV programme. I went out looking for one but it was a couple of years before I found one.  In the mean time I did discover a number of excellent Winchesters.

Most of my Winchesters have come from Hawes & Curtis. Over the last few years they have produced a great range. NB: H&C are currently offering free delivery from their online store until Monday 31st October. I also have a few Winchesters from T M Lewin.  Thomas Pink also has a great range.

So if you’ve not indulged in a Winchester why not look into it when you next add to your shirt collection?  Here are some more of my favourites:

Blue Poplin non iron Winchester from Charles Tyrwhitt, complete with unusual rounded tab collar
Clover Stripe, Thomas Pink
Red Narrow Bengal Stripe, SavileRowCo

7 thoughts on “The Winchester Shirt

  1. I buy these for my husband for his work as I have a secret fetish for them, they are just so smart and classy. I have bought one or two myself in the past for wearing to the office, but sadly very difficult to to source these types of shirts for us women.

  2. Hi do anyone know where I can buy the purple shirt from with the white collar and cuffs. I think this is such a nice shirt and I have looked everywhere on the internet to try and find this shirt with no luck. What make is this shirt?
    Any help would be greatfull.


  3. No don’t think they have it anymore sadly the pictures it looks such a nice looking shirt love the colour and the collar style and it being double cuff too. Such a shame I cant find it.

    Thank you for your help.


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