What to Wear on an Aeroplane

I am in the process of packing, ahead of travelling home to Britain from a Conference in Mississippi tomorrow.  So what to wear on an aeroplane?

For a long aeroplane journey you want to be comfortable. However you also want to look a little bit smart.  People respond to me very differently if I am well dressed compared to when I am scruffily dressed.  If I am going to be negotiating customs and immigration and whatever else is part and parcel of air travel I try to avoid scruffy.  In addition, if like me you live in hope of an upgrade it doesn’t hurt to look the part.

I’m going for comfortable shoes which I can wear for hours at a time, with soft cotton chinos.  It’s a red eye flight which means I will effectively be sleeping in these trousers overnight so it’s important that they tick the comfort box. They are great ‘In Between Trousers so they also tick the smart box.

A long sleeve shirt with button cuffs and a jacket finish the look. The shirt is button cuff so that I am not fiddling with cufflinks. It also has the all-important breast pocket for tickets boarding passes et al. Wearing the jacket means that it does not need to be packed (and creased) in my luggage.

The result? A smart look that is very comfortable for the 18 hour jounery ahead tomorrow.

Top Tips

If you can avoid wearing a belt do so. It means you don’t have to take it off in security.  If possible, get rid of your coins before security as well.

Keep a shoehorn easily accessible in hand luggage, especially because feet sometimes get swollen in flight.

Wear layers so that you can take off a layer if you get too warm or put one on if you get too cold.

Use hand luggage with wheels.  That way you aren’t carrying it around any more than you have to.

What do you think?

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