Save the Wrist Watch!

Apparently, wrist watches are going out of style.  Earlier this week the Daily Mail published an article suggesting that Cellphones & Tablets could spell doom for the traditional wrist watch. 1 in 4 people, it is reported, now turn to their mobile or tablet when they need to know the time. Among the under 35 it’s 4 in 10.  So is it time to call time on the wrist watch? I certainly hope not!

I like wearing a watch.  I feel curiously incomplete when not wearing one. There is something, somehow right about having one strapped to my wrist.  So I wear a watch virtually all the time, even whilst asleep or in the shower. You never know when you might need to know the time….

I have a cheap digital watch for knocking about the house and smarter timepieces for when I am at work or more formal occasions.  My watch for knocking around the house (or asleep) is purely functional.

It needs to be digital so that I can see at a glance that it is 07.32 rather than 07.33. It must be waterproof (so I know how long I’ve been in the shower, and in any case shouldn’t all watches be waterproof?) And it needs to be inexpensive.

Fossil, Grant Leather Grey

For more formal timepieces however it’s a little trickier.  A man’s watch is an interesting piece of kit. It is a functional piece of jewellery, as are all the best accessories for men, such as cuff links, tie pins, or belts.  They are there to do a job but to look good as well.

Men’s watches are more than this, however. They can be status symbols.  Men with large amounts of money often wear very expensive timepieces. The expensive watch and the expensive car in the office or golf club car park is a portable means of demonstrating one’s status and success.

TAG Heuer F1

I’m told that car salesmen (and these ones are often men) often pay attention to the quality of the watch that a potential customer is wearing.  If he’s wearing a cheap Casio he may not have the money to buy the car and therefore not worth much time.  If he’s wearing an Omega or Tag Heuer then he’s clearly got some money to play with.

The gold Rolex, a slightly dated look…

Obviously the main reason for wearing a watch is to be able to tell the time. However, as it is also a great accessory, it can be the time-piece de resistance.  See what I did there…?

So if you don’t already have a great looking watch you probably should look into it.  And you don’t need to spend a fortune on one either. is a good place to look for a bargain. You’ll need to decide whether you prefer an all metal look, metal case and metal band, or a more classic look with leather straps. The gold watch with gold band now looks dated, so avoid.

If choosing a watch with leather straps then you may want to have more than one colour to coordinate with the other leather items you are wearing, e.g. brown leather watch strap with brown leather belt and brown leather shoes.

Omega Planet Ocean

Formal Watches tend to be analogue rather than digital. For formal occasions a watch with a thin case is useful as it can then slip under your cuff more easily, especially when wearing cufflinks. Watch cases that are too thick will cause your cuffs to bunch around it.

Whatever you choose, try to avoid a watch that is overly gaudy or bling.  You want a watch that is nice looking not flashy.  And avoid the fake Rolexes whatever you do.

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