Autumn Approaches

Autumn is in the air.  I can tell by the fact that more people are wearing a coat to work in the mornings. I am among them.  I’ve also started to receive the seasonal mailshots that mark the change of season.

Do outfitters assume that we all change our clothes every season and so feel the need to advertise their a new seasonal range every few months?  I suspect not.  However, they know that with the change of seasons we will require slightly different clothes which better suit the climate and our mood.

Autumn of course is the point at which be begin to put aside the lighter and brighter fabrics of summer and begin to dig out slightly warmer clothing. If your overcoat and scarf have been in a closet for the past few months now might be the time to see whether they need laundering before you start wearing them again.

Autumn is also the point in the year in which we can play with autumnal hues: burgundy wines, forest greens, tobacco browns, mustard yellows or even burnt oranges.

There is something about the quality of the light and the fact that the leaves are found in an amazing range of colours that enables us to push the boat out.

If you like layering then this is the season to begin to put on a jumper under your jacket or to wear a scarf. For a more traditional look tweeds are very useful in that they are warm and come in great autumnal colours and add great texture to your ensemble.

Shoes in tan, brown or merlot are especially useful in this season, brown olive and navy should not be ruled out.

So autumn approaches.  Better get prepared.

Here are some of my favourite looks.

What do you think?

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