Never too Young to have Style

My son is 12 and is demonstrating the potential to become a stylish young man.  When he can be bothered, that is.

Last Sunday we were preparing for church and he looked incredibly scruffy. Mum sent him to change into something less so. His alternative attire was, shall we say, a somewhat modest improvement.

In exasperation he was sent to me. I suggested that he might want to put on a shirt with some buttons on it rather than the T-shirt that looked like an Oxfam reject and perhaps a change of shoes. The man’s 12 he doesn’t really need to have parents choosing his clothing does he?

Instead he decided to go off and change his entire ensemble.  I suppose he got tired of being told he looked scruffy. Scrubs up rather well methinks.

Which simply makes the point; one is never too young to have style.

He’s wearing hat from Matalan, waistcoat from BHS, trousers from Asda,and shirt from M&S.  Brogues from Primark.  Sunglasses are mine…..  Nintendo DS, his…


What do you think?

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