Care for Your Suits Like a Pro

Suits are probably the most expensive parts of your wardrobe so it makes sense to look after them well so that you get the longest possible life out of them.

Moreover looking after your suits mean that they not only last longer they look sharper when you wear them.

So here are 10 top tips for caring for your suits to keep them in tip-top condition:

  1. Always keep your jacket on a good hanger with wide shoulder blades when not being worn.  Don’t just hang it on a hook or toss it on the bed when you get home. This helps to keep it in shape and allows wrinkles to smooth out.  If like me you tend to take your jacket off when sitting at your desk make sure you have a good hanger in the office so that the jacket can be hung there too.
  2. To minimise horizontal lines in your suit trousers use a hanger with padded foam over the trouser bar. Alternatively, if you have the space a hanger which pins to the waistband enables the trouser to hang without being folded.
  3. If you begin to lose the crease in your trousers use a steam iron on a low setting to set the crease.  Try placing a cloth between the iron and the fabric of your trousers to avoid the material becoming shiny after repeated ironing
  4. Don’t dry clean your suit too regularly. Dry cleaning materials are necessarily harsh. So don’t expose your suit to them any more than necessary. For a suit worn twice per week or less you should need to dry clean it no more than twice per year.
  5. Instead, regularly brush down your suit with a soft brush after each wearing.  This removes dirt and dust from the suit before it gets a chance to be absorbed into the fibres. Food or mud stains may require gentle rubbing with a damp sponge or lint free cloth.
  6. Particularly on warm days when you may have been perspiring more than usual you might consider very lightly spraying your suit with a fabric freshener after you have brushed it down. 
  7. If you have used a fabric freshener, but even if you haven’t, let your suit hang for at least 24 hours in a well-ventilated spot before the next wearing or before being put away. This allows the suit to air out and for any moisture to dissipate. Suits made from thicker fabrics may benefit from airing for a longer period.
  8. Where possible, avoid wearing the same suit on two consecutive days.  Obviously, if you have an overnight business trip you may not want to take more than a single suit. However, in general, allowing the suit to return to its natural shape after each wearing will only help prolong its life.
  9. Store your suits in cloth suit bags after they have been aired for at least 24 hours. Cloth (as opposed to plastic or canvas) bags allow the suits to ‘breathe’ as air passes through, will help to reduce wrinkles and offer greater protection from moths.
  10. Keep as much space between your suit bags as your closet will allow. This encourages air to circulate and makes it less likely than your suits will get crushed and wrinkled in your closet.

Try out these simple tips to keep your suits in pristine condition for years to come and ready for any occasion.

If you’ve got tips of your own to add to my top 10 I’d love to hear about them.


2 thoughts on “Care for Your Suits Like a Pro

  1. Another thing I do occasionally is to hang my suit in the bathroom when I take a hot shower. The steam settles the wool, getting rid of some mild creases and also helps with odors.

    To deal with stains, I spot clean using a stain remover suitable only for fabrics that require dry cleaning. Not very effective, but gets certain stains out. Some food/oil stains never come out no matter how hard you try… dry cleaning is the only way. But as you said, dry cleaning is very harsh on the suit, and the dry cleaners airn’t the best at ironing the suits either.

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