My Next Target

I am nearing the completion of my 5-year Project. I might be in need of a ‘Mission Accomplished’ bumper sticker some time soon.

However, there remain a few gaps in my wardrobe that I still would like to fill.  ‘Would like to fill’ is very carefully chosen language.  The reality is that after 5 years I don’t really need very much. By the time you get past year 3 your needs have been met and you are addressing your wants. The contents of A Well Appointed Gentleman’s Wardrobe have already been listed on this blog.  I am well on my way there. Nonetheless, there is always more that could be added to virtually any wardrobe.

In my case I am pretty happy with my suit, formal shirt, tie and cufflink collections. My business formal collection is coming along nicely and the casual collection could be improved with a jumper here or there and some ‘In Between’ Trousers. Where I do feel there remain some gaps is in my shoe collection (probably no surprise there….)  I have yet to scratch my Monk Strap itch. In addition, I am looking for a pair of grey brogues.  If it were possible to combine these in a single pair that would be grand but I suspect that life will not be quite so kind.

At the moment it is the grey pair which is taking the priority as my next target.  Grey is a very versatile colour.  It can be combined with a very wide ranging colour palette. Moreover, that grey is a relatively sober colour means that grey shoes can be worn in a formal business context whilst working just as well in a less formal one.

Blue is the ‘on trend’ colour for men’s shoes at the moment but may look to some eyes slightly less formal than the regulation black or brown.  In contrast, grey shoes, particularly in darker shades, very nicely sidestep that issue.

Brogues perhaps have the widest possibility of applications; they work just as well with a suit as they do with a pair of jeans.  So brogues or monks in grey would be ideal.  It’s why they are my next target.

Miami in grey, Magnanni

Unfortunately, despite the fact that men’s shoes are gradually beginning to become available in a wider range of colours than the regulation black and brown, grey is still a relatively unusual colour for a pair of men’s shoes.

If you are looking to spend a few hundred pounds on a pair of shoes then all sorts of possibilities emerge.  However, since I am looking to spend significantly less than that then my options are rather more limited.

Burnham, Loden Suede, Ridgeway Soles by Gaziano Girling

I have found one pair that seems to be close to what I have in mind.  And the price has been deeply discounted.  But I am still evaluating whether this is the right pair.  As this could be one of the final items to complete my 5-year project I’m keen to get it right.

Grey Quewy Brogue, Ben Sherman

Having never owned a pair of grey shoes and not having seen many examples worn by stylish men I am feeling my way along cautiously.  So if anyone out there can offer some advice in this area let me know!


2 thoughts on “My Next Target

  1. So if the final thing: why not go for custom made? Save up and get the perfect pair?! Or John Lewis have a range of colours at the moment; pink, red, blue, yellow, green, grey and the usuals…

    1. Like the way you are thinking bro…
      Nonetheless, I fear that custom made will be outside my budget, certainly in this year.

      I was not aware of the fact that John Lewis was offering such a wide range of colour options. Will have to look into it.

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