Fitness for a Better Fit

I think my middle age spread may have begun. Until now my natural tendency has been towards becoming overly skinny. I guess my metabolism has been such that I burn off whatever I eat and have tended not to eat massive amounts.

So I’ve never had concerns about being overweight. While others went to the gym in order to lose weight I went instead in an attempt to gain weight, or at least to keep scrawniness at bay.

However, just the other day I had a look down and discovered that I seem to be growing a bit of a paunch. How did that happen? And when?

Then again it’s not rocket science I suppose. I am getting older so I guess it is to be expected.  In addition, over the last three months I’ve been on sabbatical and so have been sitting down rather more than usual so that may have accelerated the waistline spread.

Like most people I can’t say that I am a great fan of exercise. I walk a bit and cycle when I have a chance but have not been in a committed relationship with a gym for a number of years now.  I guess it’s beginning to show.

To be honest I can live with that. I’ve been joking about growing a moderate beer belly for a few years now. What is a problem for me, however, is that clothes don’t fit quite as well as they did, or as they might, if the body underneath them is not as fit as it could be.

So whilst I am not all that interested in physical fitness I am interested in style. And the cardinal rule of style is that fit is the most important element. The best tailoring in the world will be to no avail if it is not tailored to fit you and a beautiful pair of shoes that are a size too small will quickly become your nemesis.

So here is the situation; I might need to pay a little more attention to my physical fitness in the pursuit of a better fit. Having spent 5 years patiently building up my wardrobe it would be nothing short of disastrous if it ceased to fit properly.

So the paunch is going to have to go, or a least be restrained.  And I don’t mean by a man–girdle.  Then again…..

My problem is that I don’t really have time to get to a gym.  I remember saying this to my best friend a few years ago who happens to be a qualified fitness instructor.  He’s the same chap I interviewed for the Rocking a Bow Tie post earlier in the week. Unfortunately, I can’t retain him as my personal trainer because he lives in the British Virgin Islands.  In any case I doubt I could afford him….

As might be expected Colin thought my claim not to have enough time for the gym was rubbish.  He argues that every person should be able to find 45 minutes each day to spend on themselves.  If you can’t then your life is seriously out of sync.

I can find 45 minutes each day for myself, but I use it to write this blog!  So we shall see how this goes.

What is undeniably true is this that our clothes fit best when we are fit. Have you seen some of the Olympians and Paralympians??? So in the interest of style I am gonna have to get some exercise.

But nobody said that I had to like it…..  Still if I had Jess Ennis’ six pack I’d be a happy man.

Apparently it’s never too late to start exercising.  Not only does it help our clothes fit better it is also good for posture, self esteem and one or two other things besides.

What do you think?

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