WTWTW2: What to Wear to Work 2

Early September is a tricky time sartorially speaking. It’s too warm for autumnal wear and often not warm enough for summer wear. In addition, in higher education where I work September is a slightly less formal time before students are back.  So what to wear to work?

Short-sleeved button down shirts

Perfect for the Indian summer that we seem to be having this week, this is probably one of the last times that you can get away with wearing short sleeved shirts to work this year.

Button down collars on a long sleeved shirt serve to make them a little less formal.  However, for short sleeved shirts it works the other way round, it makes them slightly less informal.

For a preppy look you could try it with a bow tie.  However, try to avoid a regular tie with a short sleeved button down collar shirt.  A tie is not great with a button down collar and when you throw in short sleeves as well it makes a bad situation worse.….

Sleeveless jumpers

Too warm for a jumper but not warm enough simply to be in shirt sleeves? Try a sleeveless jumper, either in pullover or button up styles. This allows you to add a splash of colour to your ensemble if you wish

In Between Trousers

This is a great time to wear ‘In Between’ Trousers.  They are not a formal as suit trousers but smarter than jeans. For those who work in more formal contexts combining these trousers with a blazer is an idea.

Slip on shoes

Lace up shoes are generally more formal than slip on shoes.  I don’t make up the rules, its just the way it is. That slip-ons are typically more comfortable probably helps to maintain that hierarchy

Graziano Girling biarritz-large

So what will you wear?


What do you think?

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