Rocking a Bowtie

Last week I was away and not easily able to access the internet. So apologies for the radio silence.

This post is an interview with Colin Gunthrope who has been experimenting with the bowtie look. Colin is a qualified personal trainer, Baptist minister, and counsellor. As you can tell from the photos he is also a man of style.

CTS: Thank you for sending in the pics of you in your bow tie. What was the occasion?
CG: A Sunday morning service.

CTS: Did it go down well with your congregation?
CG: Well one lady said she couldn’t concentrate. Does that help?

CTS: Love the pink. Unusual.
CG: It’s not really pink believe it or not. But a funky orange/pink combo. When you see it up close you go ahhhh (lol).

CTS: How long have you been experimenting with the bow tie now?
CG: About 3 months now.
CTS: So do you rock a bow tie often?
CG: This is only my second time.

CTS: Do you have more than one bowtie?
CG: I am currently building my wardrobe. I’m building up a range of different basic colours and patterns.

CTS: So what colour bow ties have you got?
CG: Basic black, red, purple, grey as well as the one in the pic which is a funky pink/orange combo.

CTS: Have you been reading my blog? Lol.
CG: Aah, No.
CTS: Shame…..

CTS: So what prompted you to try out the bow tie look. It clearly wasn’t my blog.
CG: I have been thinking about it for a while and seeing how to go about it and doing some style research?

CTS: Which is what?
CG: Well I try out fit and colour combos, See what looks right, what’s too formal, what’s too casual, what doesn’t work, etc. Once you’ve done your research you can then wear your style with confidence and ‘own it.’

CTS: So what is it about the bow tie that makes it different from a regular tie? Is it simply that it is unusual or is it the fact that the bow tie leaves more space for the shirt to be visible and for the V shape of the jacket to come to the fore?
CG: Absolutely. I am not very tall so I try to create vertical lines. I don’t want to “shorten” myself. So I prefer a low v single breasted suit.
CTS: So the bow tie lengthens you? Clever.

CTS: Just for my own edification talk me thru your process for developing your wardrobe.
CG: Basic color suits and shirts. Then stripes …. For lengthened look. Classic shoes. Color that pop on me.

CTS: Colours that pop?
CG: Yeah. In addition to your basic solid colours it’s helpful to add flashes of colour, yellows, reds, oranges, pinks.
CTS: Are you sure you haven’t been reading my blog….?

So there you have it. Some insight into rocking a bow tie. Why not give it a go?


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