WTWTW: What to Wear to Work

So it’s summer; at least it’s rumoured to be. As I write the rain continues to drizzle down here in the North East of England. This on a day that was forecast to be dry–not sunny, but dry. Still, it’s not cold, it’s 15°C today. But I digress…

So what to wear to work on a day like this when you are either grieving about the end of your summer hols or staggering across the line towards them? It’s a day when it’s too warm for autumnal wear but doesn’t quite feel like midsummer.

In August the UK is for the most part in holiday mode and dress codes relax.  I prefer lighter colours in summer, ideally khakis or mid greys and even white when the sun is out. So here are 3 WWW ideas based around mid grey or khaki trousers:

Classic Navy Blazer

A navy blazer is always stylish wear, whatever the season. Combine with khaki or grey trousers and an open necked shirt in red or vibrant pink for some summer colour. If your work dress code demands a tie then try a red/blue or navy/pink barbershop stripe. Tan or navy brogues finish off the look.

Andres Stripe, Thomas Pink
If it’s good enough for Seb Coe…
Image courtesy of The Sartorialist

Vibrant green highlights

On summer days with glorious sunshine daring green is a colour you can get away with.  However, on days like today where the sun is hidden why not create your own vibrancy with green highlights? Green is an unusual colour for men, which only heightens its vibrancy.

A green tie with crisp white shirt and grey or khaki trousers or substitute a sky or royal blue gingham check shirt with green tie. If a less formal look were preferred, a shirt, jumper, or cardigan with green highlights would have a similar effect.  Wear with brown or olive shoes.

Deacon Check Shirt, Thomas Pink

Edward Green Westminster, Antique Olive

Purple Patterns

Purple is an interesting colour. Lilac is the gentle shade of this hue; purple it’s potent form. It’s not coincidental that bishops wear purple and that purple was a traditional colour of royalty. It works with a range of colours.

Queensland Stripe, Thomas Pink

For summer ginghams are very much in vogue so how about a purple gingham? It again can be combined with grey or khaki trousers but would also work well with navy chinos or jeans. Grey blazer, purple shirt and navy chinos would work well.  Wear with brown or tan brogues or monkstraps.

Image courtesy of menstylepro.com
Image courtesy of The Sartorialist

What do you think?

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