Best of the Sales

It is of course the sales season. Large numbers of retailers are seeking to tempt you with their wares. That we have been at home in front of our television screens watching the Olympic Games will not have done sales projections any good.  So there are serious sales out there at the moment.

Now if you are not in the market for anything it’s probably safest to stay at home. However if you are in the market for your 5YP what’s out there?  You’ll need to be quick.  Some of the sales may only last a few days longer.

Here are some of my favourite promotions, on now:


Matalan is not a place in which I shop often. However, I am discovering that they are great for casual wear. I am happy to spend £25 on a formal shirt but expect to spend less for a casual one.  This is where Matalan comes in handy.

They have a 50% sale on now. Polos are available from £5 but some of their better ones have been discounted to £6. Short-sleeved oxford shirts are as low as £4 and I managed to find a silk tie discounted to £1.50!

Probably not the last word on quality but worth a punt if you wish to spend very small amounts.  They also sell suits, but aren’t great if you have long arms as I do.


M&S appear to be coming to the end of their sale season.  They’ve been having various sales on selected items for much of the summer.  At the moment they have on online exclusive of 25% off selected items and 30% off selected kidswear.  Some good quality stuff in M&S but the discounts are not massive.

T M Lewin

TML are coming near the end of their summer sale so you’ll need to be quick. Their online site is offering free delivery during the Olympic Games and they are currently running a promotion of 4 shirts for £90. However they do have some shirts and ties for £20 each. Suits begin at £183. TML offer a free return service for online purchases and a 90day guarantee.

Hawes & Curtis

H&C have a similar deal to TML, 4 shirts for £90 but without the free postage, though they do have a free returns service.  There are some beautiful shirts in the H&C collection. Clearance shirts are under £20 each.  However sizes for clearance items are often limited.

Savile Row Company has formal and casual shirts starting from under £15. This is well down on what they would cost normally. Polos begin at a similar price, while chinos are under £20.  They offer free delivery on orders over £50 and a free return service

Charles Tyrwhitt

In C T Shirts’ summer sale casual shoes begin at under £50, an unusually low starting price for CT. Shirts, including polos, are from £18 and ties are under £15. CT make beautiful suits and blazers which begin at £159.

Grey Check Tailored fit suit, Charles Tyrwhitt

Jones Bootmaker

Jones’ have an up to 50% sale on. This means that double tube cedar shoetrees are available for as low as £19. However stocks will be low. Unfortunately these can only be ordered in store.

So there you have it, my favourite 7 sales promotions now on across Britain.  What are yours?


What do you think?

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