White Trousers: Would You?

When you think of white trousers there are a number of unfortunate images out there.  Jockeys, Saturday Night Fever, Miami Vice.  Actually, as a child of the 80s Crockett & Tubbs still hold some fond memories for me.

Perhaps that is why I am prepared to defend white trousers. We’ve all seen someone wearing white trousers who really shouldn’t have.  And it is a look that is very easy to get wrong.

However, on the plus side, with white being such a versatile colour it is also pretty easy to get it right.  So if you are still in a summer mood perhaps it’s something to look into.

It’s pretty well documented that I am not a fan of the skinny look, whether skinny ties, lapels, jeans or chinos. However, particularly if we are talking about white trousers, for heaven’s sake make sure that they are reasonably loose. Nothing worse than a man in tight white trousers.  Don’t do it bro. Please!

White trousers in linen, work especially well in the summer.  However, cottons, chinos and even jeans might be worth considering. So here are three looks to consider:

The Casual Relaxed Look

The Smart Look

The Semi-Formal Look

So what do you think?


What do you think?

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