Belts to go with Your Shoes

One neglected area of the blog thus far has been that of men’s belts.  Ideally, of course, none of us should need belts. We should have our trousers adjusted so that the waist fits us properly. We would, therefore, not require a belt to keep our trousers in place.Some trousers come with an ingenious button tab which allows you to make minor adjustments to the waist. A belt would thus not be required. Certainly, if wearing a suit, unless you specifically prefer the look of a belt, it is a good idea not to wear one. A belt often interrupts the vertical lines from jacket to trousers.Nonetheless, even if we all had perfectly fitted waists to our trousers many of us would still choose to wear a belt as an accessory. Whenever wearing a belt a basic rule of thumb is that it should match your shoes. If wearing jeans or some other casual trousers this is less of an issue. No one is seriously going to advise you to match your belt to your flip-flops or trainers. In fact. deliberately mixing it up might be precisely where you want to go. However, if wearing smart trousers you don’t want to be wearing black shoes with a brown belt, for example.If your shoes are primarily in black and brown then a couple of leather belts in black and brown will cover your needs. You may choose to have belts in varying widths, narrower ones for formal occasions and wider ones for less formal. Having said that, I tend towards a wider belt, myself, ideally at least 36mm wide.

However, if you’ve been taking my advice and Broadening Your Colour Palette your shoe closet will include a wider selection than black or brown shoes. This means you are likely to need some additional colours for your belts as well.Herein lies the challenge. Finding a belt to match your tan brogues will not be especially challenging, but trying to find leather belts in olive green or navy will prove far more difficult.  If you are happy to settle for canvas belts these are typically available in a wider range of colours. Leather belts tend to be found in more conservative hues.

It is often a good idea to buy your belt when you buy your shoes so that you have the shoes with you for a comparison.  Alternatively, make sure you are wearing your shoes when you go looking for a belt to match. It is not necessary that your belt and shoes be in exactly the same shade. In fact it is preferable that they are not identical.In my case, finding belts to go with My Latest Acquisitions was tricky. Last week I was in central Newcastle passing the time as I was waiting for our car to be repaired. I went browsing in River Island and was delighted to stumble across a navy leather belt. That it was half price at £7 made it even better. And it was the last of 2 left in that store and the only one in my size.  Perfect.

Olive green proved far more difficult to find. In the end I decided to experiment with colouring a belt myself. I’m really quite pleased with the results. In a later post I’ll tell you how I did it.


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