Embrace your Colours

I’ve recently returned from the Caribbean island of Antigua. I’ve not been there for over 4 years and so was struck by a number of things. First, just how hot it is in June.  Second, how chilled out people tend to be (I suspect these two things are related). And third how different style is over there.

Most of my wardrobe simply would not work there; partly because it would be too hot; partly because it would be too dull.  Fortunately,  I did not attempt to take most of my wardrobe with me. Antiguans are not afraid to embrace colour.This might be explained in terms of culture.  They are a vibrant and colourful people, full of laughter and zest. Carnival and calypso shape their outlook. However, it might also be explained by the fact that it is permanently summer there and summer is the time to bring out your colours.

I was on the first beach above last Friday, Seahouses, in the Northeast of England.  It was beautiful. However you will notice that the colours are a bit more vibrant on the second beach, Galley Bay in Antigua, which I was on last Tuesday.

Women tend to work with a far wider colour palette than men.  We often stick with blues and greys and blacks. However during summer we often dress a little less formally and this allows us guys to brighten up our wardrobe a little.  So if you have some vibrant colours in the back of your wardrobe that you have not been wearing time to get them out for summer. Try a red, lemon or green shirt.  For the more adventurous how about a yellow, pale blue or white pair of trousers.  Or perhaps navy, green or grey brogues.

Obviously, it is probably best not to try too many of these at the same time. And it will very much depend of what you are doing.  Turning up in yellow trousers for a funeral or a job interview might not be the brightest idea. But you might have a go at combining one brighter coloured item within an ensemble of more subtle colours.

Summer is approaching (we desperately hope) so embrace your colours.


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