You’ve Completed Your 5-year Project. So What Next?

Since the beginning of 2008 I’ve been on a 5-year project to Build a Gentleman’s Wardrobe.  I did not start out with this as a clear intention but discovered that this is what I was doing along the way (How I Got Started on My 5-Year Project was the subject of an earlier post).

Roll the clocks forward to 2012 and I am nearing the end of my 5-year project. My mind is beginning to turn to what comes next.  A number of options lie before me.

I could begin again and start a new 5-year project to build an even better Gentleman’s Wardrobe. Whilst this idea is not without merit I can’t begin to imagine the Storage Solutions which would be required by the time we got to the end of 2017, so I think not.

Alternatively, I could treat year 6 and each subsequent year as a development of year 5 and gradually keep Improving the Quality on a steadily reducing budget.  I have to say that this sounds to me an attractive option.

However, the idea that appeals to me most at the moment is that of a year’s sabbatical. Not from work (as attractive as that sounds) but from wardrobe building. Having spent the last half decade building up a collection how would it be if in year 6 I didn’t spend anything  at all on clothing?

It would be a great change from what I’ve been doing and provide interesting insight into my state of mind over that year. I can even see the possibility of a regular post on All the Cool Things I Have Not Bought This Week or an occasional post on whether I’ve fallen of the wagon.

I haven’t yet finally decided that this is what I’ll do in year 6 but I am beginning to mull it over.  Feel free to send me your suggestions.


What do you think?

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