Have you discovered Javari?

A great online shoe retailer I’ve recently discovered is Javari.co.uk; they have a wide range of shoes and handbags (I am assuming that you will be primarily interested in the shoes) often at a discount and offer a free next day delivery service.

Best of all they offer a free 365-day return, so anytime in the next year that you change your mind you can do so free of charge.  Javari are part of the Amazon family so your Amazon login, delivery, and payment details can be used to settle your bill.

John spencer, Cavendish

I tried them out recently and they were very easy to use.  They send a text and email to confirm that your delivery is due the following day and offer a chance to change the delivery date if desired.  On the morning of the day of delivery another email and text arrive giving a 1 hour slot within which your delivery will arrive so you don’t  spend all day waiting for your delivery to show up and in a nice touch give you the name of your delivery man

In my case Sid was due to deliver the package within 12.33 and 13.33.  Sid arrived promptly at 13.13 (they must have a thing for the number 3…).

Overall my experience was mixed. The shoe I ordered was at a great price, under half the price that it was being sold for by another online retailer and the delivery was quick and easy.  Quite how they maintain such low prices with next day delivery is a mystery.

Unfortunately, there was a minor blemish on one of the shoes so I decided to order a replacement (Sid delivered that one also).  But the replacement had a more significant problem; one shoe was not quite identical to the other. I haven’t quite worked out whether the problem is with the manufacturer or retailer.  So it had to go back.

The returns process is quite simple and straightforward, simply request and print off a returns label.  If you have simply changed your mind about an item then you have to pay for the postage which is refunded after the item is received safely.  In my case because there was a problem with the item Javari provided a free returns label return and all I had to do was drop it off at my nearest post office and get proof of posting.

Ted Baker, Gurirub Red Suede Brogue

All in all it was an easy process and the prices are great.  The interface with Amazon breeds a certain confidence. That my shoe had a small blemish was a minor disappointment.  On the positive side it is always better to try on stuff in the comfort of your own home rather than in a high street shop. It’s a website I would certainly use again.  Why not give it a go the next time you need a pair of shoes?


What do you think?

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