10 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is exactly 3 weeks away today. So here are some gift ideas. My top tip is that accessories are usually a safer bet than clothing items as gifts. However, if you buy all the clothing he wears anyway there is one item of clothing included in my list.

For each item I’ve made suggestions in a range of budget categories. So whether you are looking to spend under £10 or over £100 there should be something here to inspire you. Needless to say, do check to make sure that he doesn’t already have what you are about to buy him. Especially if he’s got a 5-year project.

1. Quality Socks

Socks are a clichéd man’s gift but men can’t have too many clean socks. If you are going to do this you probably should get him some posh socks, however, rather than a set of 5 for £3 with the groceries. For posh socks try sockshop.co.uk beginning at £8 for 3.  Paul Smith or Thomas Pink have socks around £15 per pair.

2. Cufflinks

Every man needs at least a pair of cufflinks. Be warned, however, he will need to own a shirt which has cuffs to which cufflinks can be fitted. Cufflinks in enamel, silver or stainless steel are preferable to gold. Plain steel,Hawes & Curtis  £20. Union Jack, Charles Tyrwhitt £39.95. For a twist on a similar theme try Links of London Union Jack, £110

3. Watch

Men tend not to wear jewellery so a watch is an opportunity to wear something functional and beautiful. If the watch is waterproof that makes it so much more attractive. We may never go scuba diving; but it’s nice to know that if we did fall off a cruise liner, the watch will survive.How about a Sekonda, Watchshop.com, £23.99, John Lewis Timex Originals £54.99 or  Lorus Chronograph £69.99? Alternatively try River Island’s Fossil Brown Chronograph, Menkind, £105

Zatchels Navy satchel

4. Leather Satchel or Briefcase

Please note: This is NOT a man bag. A good leather satchel is great if you need to carry a few items, from an iPad or laptop, to papers and books. Brown leather is preferable to black but try blue or grey too. A handle is important for those who won’t like putting a bag over their shoulder. See River Island £25 or House of Fraser, £55. However, my personal favourite is  Zatchels‘ 14.5″ Navy Leather Satchel, with optional handle and strap slider, £96

5. Cologne

Another clichéd man gift but one you should not overlook. If most men smelled a wee bit better the world undoubtedly would be a better place. Try to get something with a subtle rather than overpowering fragrance, for example Joop Go 50ml, Debenhams, £17.50,  D&G The One Sport 50ml, Perfumeshop.com, £39.99, or  Hugo Boss Bottled Night 2ooml, fragrancedirect.co.uk, £55.95.

6. Leather storage

If your man is building up a small cufflink or watch collection, or if he just likes leather try a watch box or cufflink box or combination of the two. You might try the Storm Watch Box, Amazon.co.uk, £14.95, Cufflink Box, The Cufflink Store, £34.95 or Watch & Cufflink Box, Menkind, £59

7. Leather Wallet

Too many men have a monstrosity held together with gaffer tape. Sneak a peek at the one he already owns to get an idea of what he might like. Does he keep coins in his wallet? Does he carry every plastic card he owns or only the 2 he needs? Does his wallet contain more receipts than cash? If he doesn’t own a wallet forget it. How about a Superman Wallet, Next £16,  M&S Collezione, £25,or  a great wallet from Fossil, £44?

Valet Box, Loake Shoemakers

8. Shoe Polishing Kit

Women don’t own shoe brushes. Men do. Whether we use them or not is less relevant; it is the fact that we possess the means to clean shoes which enables us to be a member of the proper man club. If your man is really into cleaning shoes he’ll appreciate a large kit. If it is an annual undertaking perhaps a more modest one. Who knows, this might inspire him to polish his shoes occasionally. John Lewis, £8.50;  Jones Bootmaker £25 Loake Shoemakers Valet box £95

9. Weekend shirts

Weekend shirts are posh casual shirts. They can be worn on smart casual occasions or if you wish to dress down a smart outfit. Make sure you know what size he is, including sleeve length. Have a look at a current shirt which fits well and compare that size with the retailer’s size guide. Charles Tyrwhitt’s  Navy Plain and Pink Gingham, £34.95 are great examples.  See also T M Lewin button collar blue/pink check £29.50

10. iPad

If all else fails buy him an iPad. Even if he already has one.  OK maybe a second iPad might be overkill but perhaps an iTunes gift card so he can get some Apps?

If you are a Father reading this and hoping that your Father’s day gift comes from this list I suggest work out how to get this post under the noses of the appropriate people. You’re a Dad. I’m sure you’ll figure something out.

Just in case you don’t, better start practising your Father’s Day smile now. You know the one:  Awww thanks. That’s just what I wanted….


2 thoughts on “10 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

    1. Well, let’s put it this way, items 1-2 and 6-8 I’ve already got covered.
      But if anyone wished to give me a gift from 3-5 or 9-10 I wouldn’t say no….

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