How Can You Tell if Your Suit Is A Perfect Fit?

5YP has repeatedly made the point that style is not just about what you wear as much as it is about how you wear it.  A significant element of this is making sure that your clothing fits properly.

Many of us men don’t know our correct size for shirts, trousers or suits. And most of us, myself included, often can’t be bothered to get clothing adjusted so that it fits properly.

If you don’t know your suit size you should ideally get yourself measured. However, that is only the beginning. Have you discovered the three fingers rule or rule of thumb which helps you find the right fit for a suit jacket?  If not T M Lewin have produced an excellent Youtube video which offers tips on how your suit should fit.

I suspect you will struggle to find a more helpful video clip if you’ve always wondered how to tell whether the suit you are thinking about buying is in fact the right fit for you.  None of this is a substitute for getting yourself measured but it’s a good start.

Try it out with some of the suit jackets you already own.

Let me know what you think.


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