Coloured Shoelaces

If you are looking to broaden your colour palette one simple and low cost way to do that is to explore coloured shoe laces.  A number of reasonably restrained men’s shoemakers are beginning to use these coloured laces in their shoes.  You might consider the same.

Coloured laces can complement your shoe colour or contrast with it.  They might also pick up subtle hues from your ensemble or indeed intentionally clash with it.

Allen Edmonds Neumok, Olive

You need to remember that coloured shoelaces will draw some attention to your shoes so you might want to make sure that you try this out with shoes that you are happy for others to look at.  Might also want to give them a good clean whilst you’re at it…

Where to buy

Try for coloured laces and a host of other shoe care products. Coloured laces are as low as £1 with free shipping for orders over £3.

Why not give them a try?  I certainly will. Post up a pic when you do.


What do you think?

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