Introducing 5-year Project

Introducing 5-year Project



Building up a Gentleman’s wardrobe is a project for every man who gives a fig about his personal appearance.  For most of us, unless we are blessed to work in an industry in which appearance matters not at all (and I can’t think of one off-hand) or happen to run a naturist colony (though that may or may not be a blessing) we will need to consider clothing at some point.

Clothing, of course, matters.  We might like to think that what we look like really ought not to matter and that our culture is overly obsessed with what people look like rather than who people are. Nonetheless, we do make assessments of other people based on what we see and much of it is unconscious. We instinctively understand this in situations in which we are keen to make a good first impression, whether an interview or a first date. So a gentleman’s wardrobe does not merely serve a functional purpose, that of covering male nakedness, it is a means of communicating something of who we are and saying I might be worth a little of your time.

Penshaw Monument, Houghton le Spring. Construction takes time...

Some people manage their wardrobe instinctively well, others less so. If you are in the former group, well done. If you decide you need read no further Godspeed. If in the latter group I’ve got good news and bad news.  The good news is that this is a blog about Building a Gentleman’s Wardrobe which will offer reflections and insights, arguments and observations which may help sharpen your wardrobe instincts. The bad news is that unless you have lots of money (and let’s face it who does these days?) it is a 5-year project to build a Gentleman’s wardrobe.

I am in year 5 of my 5-year project to build a gentleman’s wardrobe.  When I began the project I confess that I did not set out with this as a clear aim.  Like many men my wardrobe was not near the top of my priority list; family, career, finances were at the top, and rightly so. A little over 4 years ago I got round to looking at my wardrobe I realised that something needed to be done.  I certainly didn’t have the money simply to replace my wardrobe so it needed to be done bit by bit. With hindsight I now know that this is the best way to build a gentleman’s wardrobe. A 5 year project was begun.

I hope the blog might be of interest to some out there who are already or contemplating making a similar journey.



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